Budget and Partners

DanuBalt has 7 partners and a total budget of 499.873 EUR. DanuBalt is 100 % co-financed by EU Horizon 2020.


Link to EU macro regional strategies

A core objective of the European Union is to overcome the disparities of the different regions and to strengthen the cohesion between them. Therefore different macro-regional strategies in Europe have been implemented.

The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is the first macro-regional strategy in Europe while the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is the latest macro-regional strategy which has been implemented (as of Jan 2015).


DanuBalt Overall Objective

To explore novel pathways and integrate already proven approaches in addressing the divide between less performing RDI regions and lead innovating regions between and within the Danube and the Baltic Sea region.

Objective 1

To examine current health research activities in the less performing RDI regions/countries in the Danube and Baltic Sea region, looking into determinants influencing the health R&I performance. Deliverable: Gap analysis report.

Objective 2

To define health niche markets with regional unique selling points (USP) promoting partnerships with high performing regions and define own regional or converging strategic research agendas. Deliverable: Report on strengths, weaknesses and USPs for the Danube and the Baltic Sea region.

Objective 3

To identify common patterns and individual differences within the regions in order to suggest recommendations and identify action plans. Deliverable: Recommendations and action plan for roadmaps and pilots.

Objective 4

To implement transnational pilot activities  (1 in each region + two trans-regional) showing a way forward to increase investments in health research and innovation projects. Deliverable: 4 pilots and roadmaps.

Objective 5

Offer a shared web for the macro regions to promote synergies, regional competencies, best practice exchange and mutual learning. Deliverable: www.danubalt.eu

Objective 6

Prepare short and medium term specific indicators to measure development against data to be evaluated on the basis of funding invested, number of projects, and expected economic impact assessment. Deliverable: Shared tools and services.